Designer Box Flowers and Design Kit Combo
Designer Box Flowers and Design Kit Combo
Designer Box Flowers and Design Kit Combo

Designer Box Flowers and Design Kit Combo

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Mother's day pre-orders please select Date 5/5 for it delivered by 5/9.
Weekly boxes are out on every Wednesday and delivered before the weekend

Sourced from our most meticulous growers, elaborately selected by our designers, freshly cut and carefully packed individually. We designed different recipes throughout the year to surprise you with something new each month. Every Arranging Box is a colorful journey of your own, with your name tag on it.

We all care about the environment we are living in, so Arranging Box is committed to sustainability not only in our operation but also in the products that supply your creativity.

Not like traditional floral foam which is toxic not only to our planet but also to you and your loved ones, the Design Pillow is a safe, reusable and innovative mechanism for creating stunning floral arrangements and cascading centerpieces. It locks flowers in place, stem by stem, while you create gorgeous, airy arrangements.

With our unique arranging kit, the simplest yet most comprehensive instruction video specially created for you, you are geared up to stun the world with your unrestrained creativity.

What's included:
  • Designer Box flowers
    • The Designer Box comes with a recipe of 12 stems of fresh and seasonal flowers and greenery picked by our designers. 

  • DIY Bowl Vase kit
    • This DIY kit includes one Bowl Vase and one 4 inch Design Pillow, perfect for Designer Box

      Bowl Vase:

      • Dimensions: 4.50" x 4.50" x 3.50"
      • Material: Ceramic

      Design Pillow:

      • Height: 2 inches 
      • Diameter: 4 inches
      • Recyclable
      • Reusable
      • Highest grade plastic materials