Can I cancel my order?

We will do every bit to help. The ability to cancel your order is depends on its status. If your order has already been processed and passed to carrier for shipment, we would not be able to cancel it. However, we will be glad to assist you provided your order has not been processed. Email us so we can help.  

Can I pick a specific delivery time for shipped orders?

All of our flower boxes are shipped by overnight express shipping however, delivery time varies depends on our shipping partners and your selected location. We are not able to guarantee a specific delivery time. If there is a delay due to our shipping partner, it usually delivered on the next day.  

We recommend you order earlier to allow the shipment arrives one or two days before the event date. As long as you follow the instructions on the care card in your order, your blooms will be fresh and beautiful. Always remember we are here if you have further questions.

Can I place an order for Weekend delivery?

While we understand our amazing customers have different time schedules and needs, we are sorry that we currently would not be able to provide Saturday or Sunday delivery. That is due to our shipping partners’ delivery schedule and we would love our staff to enjoy weekends with their families and friends like we all do.

If you much prefer to enjoy blooms during weekend, we recommend you order earlier for a Friday delivery. This way the flowers can arrive and be ready when you need them on weekend.

If you have questions regarding flower care, please refer to our FAQ, email us. We’ll be happy to share our secret to store and “awake” your flowers for later enjoyment.

What tools do I need for designing?

Tools are always handy for whatever we are up to, no exception for flower design. While we recommend our special tools like design pillows, which can provide you with much confident and efficiency if you consider to be a frequent designer. However, they are not a must. Tools and materials you probably already have at home can do just fine.

For each design you'll need:

A strong, sharp pair of shears

Clean container with clean water (to keep your flowers hydrated)

A container for designing

A spray bottle (a final sprinkle touch to your design)

Where do you ship?

We ship to all lower 48 states.

I opened the box and the flowers look floppy. What do I do?

Flowers are like us, get tried after travel. But a bucket of fresh water and some time (overnight is more desirable) to recover will woke them up to suit your creativity! Refer to our care guide or step by step video for the most comprehensive guide.

How long will my flowers last?

Good quality of flowers can last 7-10 days, so are our flowers! Just follow our instruction video, you will enjoy them many days to last.

For subscription (Coming Soon):

How does it work?

  1. Pick your box. Different by flower variety and number of stems, we created the Designer and Master boxes to meet your different requirements. Then choose your preferred first delivery date. Currently, we only offer monthly subscription.
  2. Receive your order and start your arrangement design. Follow our comprehensive instruction video for flower care and basic techniques.

When will I get my order?

To max control the quality of our flowers. We ship all monthly subscription orders on second Wednesday of the month by overnight express shipping. Normally your order will arrive the next day. If there is a delay due to our shipping partner, it usually delivered on the next day.  

How can I track my order?

We will send you an email with tracking information once your order is processed.

Do I get the same flowers every subscription?

You deserve better than that. We work hard and dedicatedly to provide you the widest variety and highest quality of flowers so you will be amazed every time you open the box!

Can I cancel or change my subscription?

Only fun, no long-term obligation, feel free to switch or cancel at any time. Just log onto your account and follow the instructions.

Can I pause my subscription when I’m on vacation?

Not like your gym or TV subscription, we are flexible! Just log onto your account and follow the instructions for pausing your subscription.

Can I choose flower type or colors for the subscriptions?

We enjoy the pleasure of surprising you every time so leave the honor to our most experienced floral experts. We choose various seasonal flowers that fit your budget and requirement, you just focus to create your most magnificent design piece, remember to share photos with us!